My names are Hassan Funom Restorie Toluwani. The torie is from my English name which is actually full for Restoration. I am an undergraduate at the American University of Nigeria, Yola. I would be a graduate by December 2015 by God’s grace. After this i plan to pursue a medical career in a school yet to be decided upon. My undergraduate course is actually a premedical program; yes, Americans are funny that way.

I love to write as should be obvious if you have gone through my blog posts. I find it exhilarating to commune through writing rather than through vocalizing my thoughts. While science is a passion, writing is more of a hobby and if i may, a gift.

What i am trying to create here is a forum for free-thinkers where everyone and anyone can voice their thoughts and ask the opinions of others on their issues. Anyone could mail me about what is troubling them or what they would like to be put out there and that issue would be addressed. Basically it is aimed at being a community for free thoughts and constructive development. Oh and also for fun!!!


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