Understanding Feminism

This topic is so full of controversy and often times men on Twitter piss me off to high heavens by their notion of feminism. One very silly boy on Twitter posted a picture where a woman was making food for her man and he said “Retweet this to annoy the feminists”. Therefore, in his mind, he feels feminists hate the role of house building or the role of a wife that involves taking care of her family.

When I see posts like this I wonder and forgive my blatancy here but I wonder if the cerebral cortex of that individual is functional because I cannot comprehend how someone will consciously be so ignorant.

Anyway let me say my bit about feminism and anyone that will vex will only vex. A feminist is someone who advocates the rights of the female, such as female liberation, female emancipation and female empowerment. I like to call it the female rights to the LEE. The bottomline is feminism fights for the equality of the sexes. Now a lot of people will say “Ehn you want to be equal oya now start doing the heavy lifting jobs that men do” and I wonder is it that you have not seen women laying bricks? Or is it that you have not seen women cutting logs of wood and farming. The fact that those jobs are considered a man’s job does not mean a women can’t ‘CHOOSE’ TO DO IT.

This is where liberation comes in, you cannot subjugate us to a role and claim that is what we are meant for as women. If a woman can take up those hefty manly jobs in the absence of the man or just to help the man since as the bible put it she is a “help meet”, then what stops the man from being able to help out or do what the woman does in her absence or when she needs help.

I mean what is wrong with a man entering the kitchen to cook when wifey has a headache? Some men will say this is a taboo. What is wrong with doing wifeys laundry just because you want her to stay in bed and chill? After all the bible says you are one, so why are you lording it over her as though she could never be of any importance other than what you bestow on her. You are equal in the sight of God and though you as the man are the head, it is not a license to subjugate the woman.

People think feminists are the types that won’t cook or wash for their husbands. These are things done out of love not out of compulsion. My husband cannot wake me up at 12 midnight and tell me to enter kitchen, it won’t work because I am not his slave. This does not mean I won’t cook for him because I love him so I will and I am better at taking care of the home so I will. It does not however hinder him from saying “honey don’t bother about lunch amma take care of that”. It does not reduce you in anyway as a matter of fact she respects you more and holds you in high esteem like a King.

This evening, just now, We got back from Church and Daddy said “Just make Tampa drink for me am not eating”. I did that and I went to bed. He came back just not long and said “Funom i think am hungry, can you “PLEASE” make me semo. Sorry for stressing you”. This is my own father o. A man who will eat and carry his own tray to the kitchen. A man who will sometimes wake up before me and go make breakfast for himself. A man who was the cook while my mom was in another state doing her masters. An African man with sense. Some men then told him “Why is your wife in another state and you are here. Which kind school is she schooling? Is she not married with kids, school for what again? Imagine the disgusting notion of those disgusting men. Well my mom not only did her masters in her husband’s house, she did her PHD and is Dr. S.O Hassan now. My dad stopped at masters. Another man will say lai lai my wife can’t be higher than me educationally and the would refuse the wife going on to pHD. Useless African mentality of sujugation.

Another African man will find this to be weak. They think they can wake up at anytime and box you out of bed and ask you to go cook because you have bought slave that you do not respect. Slave that should be at your beck and call. That is a slave not a wife.

A feminist is a person who believes a woman can do whatever she wants. If I see a man I like I can walk up to him and ask him to lunch. African men will find this unbecoming. If I have kids and a husband, my duties do not stop at the kitchen and the bedroom. I can be a CEO of industries, I can be the damn President of the nation. Many will say she is irresponsible as a woman. Shouldn’t she know her place? Place? What place? Are you saying asides homely duties a woman is made for nothing else? That is what we fight as feminist. We are not disputing men have more strength but the fact remains we have more resilience. Try pushing out a kid from your penis if its easy. A woman can be a mother who cooks cleans and takes care of the home, she can do all these and still run a large conglomerate of businesses and be successful. You do not limit a woman and say she must be under you and do as you say. That is the mentality of those who try to twist feminism into some sort of female rebellion, it is not.

It is a quest and a cry for women to be freed. Give us our God given right to do what we can do. To leave our own marks on the sands of time. We are not made for the kitchen only, we are made for great fits and any man who tries to hide a woman from her potentials is a shameless shameless man indeed. I repeat shameless!!


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