The Inevitable End of a Doomed Love

I was pulling ur legs
Told u d magic was dead
I was seeking to tease
Told u d fire was out

You took me at my word
How fickle do u think my love is
You fell for my tease
But you went an extra mile

I sought for emotions
I toyed with your emotions
I wanted you to speak plainly
To say you couldn’t let go

For me i would have fought
For your love i would have fought
But for me you sought not to fight
It was either you had it or you let go

My joke may have been expensive
The fire still rages in my heart
But you sought to give up
Even though you knew the damage there’ll be

Stay with me, let’s talk it out
Your interest was gone, you chose to run
Stay with me, don’t break what we have
You feigned sleep just to get away from me

I love you, i burn for you, i ache for you
But u prove me right, you cant fight 4 me
Now i see d inevitable, so y shud i fight
Why shud i fight, if u wnt fight

I played a joke, a tease to c ur strength
Your love is fickle, it holds no weight
For if without fire u no more need me
Then i dnt want u, even as the fire rages


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