This is a nation full of potentials that has refused to reach its potentials and is bent on a self destructive path. This is a nation that can afford to beat every other African nation hands down but would not do that because it is more inclined towards individual greed than collective prosperity. This is a nation where its citizens toil day and night just to run from it. Women are keen to have their kids born in the United States because sometimes just having the Nigerian Passport is a liability in the limitations it sets before us.

A nation so rich it can cater for all its masses, yet many are dying of hunger. Children are home without education while the rich revel and concern themselves only with that which further enriches them. This is a nation where the youths resort to crime not for lack of conscience but as a result of the lack of conscience on the part of the government. A nation that should not be a third world nation but remains so due to tribalism, favoritism, bigotry, bribery and oh yes, CORRUPTION.

Amazed as I always have been at the height of corruption in this nation, I never envisaged that I could be further astounded by the depth of rottenness the nation could inspire. It is now not just affecting Nigeria but everyone and everything that stands in contact with Nigeria. We are a cancer that spreads and infects and delapidates and ruins all we touch and we need God’s mercy. In this nation your efforts almost always mean nothing without a strong backing, some connection or some wealth you are ready to dispense with. To get a job you must bribe your way, to get admission you bribe your way, to get even things that are meant for you like pension and salaries and promotions, you bribe your way. To get a visa, you bribe your way. Now embassies are learning from our corrupt ways, though some of them may have already been corrupt as well but for sure the situation in Nigeria does not help. They would be less inclined to be corrupt on the soil of a nation that is strict in its adherence to rules. Sadly our nation only gives leeway and encouragement to such behavior. You pay through your nose for visa which should not be so or they hearltessly continually deny you on useless grounds.

We claim to fight corruption on all grounds but even the ones who are fighting the corruption (so called) are corrupt. You go to get something you do not wait your turn, you do not concern yourself with those who were there before you. You know your position will get you what you want and you use it, trampling over masses along the way and you claim to be in the fight against corruption.

With the way Nigeria is going, we cannot blame those who want a split. It is becoming more and more of a burden to pledge allegiance to a nation that has no love for you and does not fight for you. Your students go online in search of scholarships and most of what is available is reserved for U.S citizens and you blame us for wanting to give our children the U.S citizenship? You come home to your state and you hear nothing about scholarships till they have selected who they will secretly select then they publicise it as though they have saved the world from extinction. You never see job posts publicised you only see the result of their decisions which they made in secret. Nigeria is corrupt we all know that but now it also corrupts everything it touches. International organisations that cannot practice corruption in their nation come here and exhibit corruption because our nation is an infested breeding ground for corruption.

I have nothing further except a prayer for Nigeria, my nation. I pray that God in his infinite mercy will rise up and defend Nigerians (and by Nigerians I mean the ones who are defenseless, the ones who need backing to survive, the honest Nigerians). May His countenance shine upon Nigeria. May the Lord of glory shine his glory upon Nigeria, let Him in his vengeance wipe out all the workers of iniquity who line their pockets with the gold that is meant for all. May they die a million deaths if they refuse to desist in their evil. May the Lord of Host destroy corruption in Nigeria and destroy the workers of corruption along with it. Let his eye of mercy look to the meek,the oppressed, the disadvantaged, the downtrodden, the poor in heart and in spirit. Let God rise to our defense. The Lord be with us, His countenance fall upon us and May He give us peace. Amen. May Nigeria be great, may we rise above reproach, let the Change actually manifest, Lord we don’t mind who you will kill, kill them all if need be, don’t hold your judgement any longer. Save Nigeria from those who seek its downfall. Amen.


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