What do you do when a married man is in love with you?

#No2. On my list of “Men we meet in our twenties”. This i have titled “The Married Man”.
We meet a lot of awesome men and we sigh a sad sigh when we note that they have wedding bands on. We pack our distraught heart and we move on, enduring the tightness in our chest as we ask God, “Why are all the good men taken?. This is the easy bit, we all know that it’s not in every scenario that you know the man is married. He may not be the band wearing type, or worse maybe you met on social media. He replies a tweet of yours and you relish his intelligence and then it progresses to the DM and he is smart, not like all those small boys who live their lives for fun and the prospect of getting nudes from girls off the internet. This one is smart, talks about real issues with you, concerns himself with your problems. You go far with the conversation and you have no idea he is married.

One day he mentions being bored and you say “oh why not take a special lady out? And he says “special lady? Oh am married”. You are dumbstruck, what? Married? Jisox…rly? Now you feel guilty, you have been talking to a married man. You really like him and look forward to seeing him. He is not boring, he is concerned about your dreams, aspirations and drive. He has never asked for anything untoward or disrespected you and now he is MARRIED? What to do??? Should you cut off immediately? Well married men can have female friends can’t they? He hasn’t broken any vows yet? Should you stay till he does? Especially as no day passes without you two talking.

Are you breaking any rules? You wonder. He didn’t even lie to you. If he wanted something untoward wouldn’t he have lied about his marital status. He had no need to be honest but he was. What does this tell you? Should you try being friends or should you run for the sake of decency and respect of the marital institute. You know you don’t want your man being close to a smart young girl anything can happen. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. He however doesn’t want you to change. Your free nature is what he likes and he respects it. Be yourself he says don’t change please. You on the other hand are torn because on one hand you appreciate his friendship but on the other hand you are scared of what may happen should his feelings escalate.

We meet a lot of men some lie to us, some are honest with us. It is never easy to get friendly with a man you like and respect only to find out he is married. You battle with ethics and conscience and struggle to do what’s right but what is right for a scenario like this? Should you never have a married friend? If he falls in love with you what do you do? How do you handle it without being rude and indelicate. I don’t know about you but I have met a lot of married men, way before my twenties but I mostly knew they were married and so never got close. The case is what if you did not know till you had established a repertoire? What to do? Please drop your comments and enlighten us all. Comments are highly needed. Thanks


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