In “Love” or in “Emotions”

What is love or what does being in love mean. For me, it is a feeling of selflessness towards a being, putting that person before anyone else, compromise, support, communication, sharing of everything from the bad to the good, praying for that person etc etc. Lots of people would categorise love in many different ways but the mistake we tend to make so many times is confusing emotions for Love.

I will try to break down the difference between these two phenomena as best I can and to my understanding. Emotions are simply chemical responses of neurotransmitters. It is a resultant effect of the stimuli and signals sent to your brain by your neurones. Yesterday hot oil poured over my hand, my sister was freaking out but I did not feel that pain till she freaked out and I fully registered what had happened. The minute the stimulus had been registered in my brain I felt that searing pain. This is emotion and it is as a result of a reactant in this case the hot oil. This means that without the reactant there would be no external stimuli which travels through the neurones to the brain and without all that, there would be no product and hence no emotion.

The contrast with love is that there is friendship and there is respect and those things are not triggered by stimuli. They are a default setting of the framework of ones mind. You either feel those things for a person or you don’t. You can’t switch it on and off anytime you please. With Love there are things you like, but even in the absence of these things the love remains. You love how I smile, it trips you, with emotion once I stop smiling you would start loosing interest but with love even if I stop smiling you would never stop loving me. You would only thrive to get back my smile because you support me.

With emotions it is largely superficial in the sense that physical things trigger it. She is beautiful, amazing shape, light skinned. The day she gets pregnant and blows like a balloon with too much hydrogen in it, or gets sunburnt, your eyes would wander off her to another. This is never the case with love, you would tease her, make her feel its no big deal and love her still.

With emotions you have great sex and you feel you love him. He has a G-wag or a range and you feel he is your soul mate. He looks like an olympian god and you bask in his aura and vow never to love anyone else. The day you realise that g-wag was borrowed and he starts to grow a tummy, you would bail and it wouldn’t matter if that sex is the best. With love, you may be attracted to his looks but you will fall for his perseverence, his patient demeanour, his jokes and the way he listens etc. You will fall for the deeper things and not the superficial.

Sex is not Love, it is simply chemical reactions channeled by what is known as pheromones. Never confuse love for that, it would be a costly mistake. Hope this helps most of you out here saying you love a girl you don’t know because she has a nice shape, or those of you falling in love because he has a white g-wag with red velvety interiors. If you meet me today and you claim to love me that is just emotion. You haven’t known me deep enough for love. Be careful. Please comment on the blog not to my social media and like, share and the rest.. I am in emotions with lots of you dear readers😂😂 and I love some of you and for You, The one, The only i am IN love with you. Happy Sunda


6 thoughts on “In “Love” or in “Emotions”

  1. Sid says:

    Beautifully written… In fact everything you penned down is 💯 except for the part where you said “You haven’t known me deep enough for love” that I disagree with… Sometimes we love people even b4 we really know them and when we do know them and expectations are not met, we adjust.. that, too, is love… Bless up ✌🏼
    We got our eyes on the next post 👀


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