Errmm!! Exkus me -Biafrans, Can we talk?

Please this is a serious issue. It is serious or I would not be up at- (What’s the time first)- I would not be up by 00:02 a.m. It is the witching hour but this girl is curious. What is all this stress about a division of Nigeria, Igbos leaving and taking a large part of the south-south with them.

It is no joke o! I used to think it was until I entered God is good motors from Benin to Abuja on my way back home after NYSC. In my bus we had a biafran, a Buhari fan and a Goodluck fan. The argument was out of this world, needless to say they frustrated me beyond words.

This is why I am curious, why are we fighting ourselves? Oya Biafrans over to you now. Why do you want to leave this our motherland?. I thought it was a for better for worse thing? What are the reasons behind this deep seated hatred for Nigeria that you people want to pack up and leave?

Now for the non-Biafrans what do you think? Should we let them go? I have heard people say good riddance to bad rubbish, that we are better off without the little greedy miscreants… (I can assure you those are not my words).

Some have said it may be the break Nigeria needs to foster ahead. We all know of the country Singapore and the story is sweet like music. If you don’t know it well you heard it here first (this is why you should always check out my blog). Singapore was ejected from Malaysia on August 9, 1965. It seemed as though it was a devastation but by the advent of the 20th century, they had propelled themselves to become one of the first world nations from the third world nation they once were. A feat that even Malaysia and many other countries have not been able to achieve. This is because when the Singaporians (if that’s wrong please ignore). ..anyway, when they left and saw their challenges, they were forced to focus and work hard and it paid off.

So maybe, just maybe if the Biafrans that are clamouring for Nigeria to park one side should succeed and they feel we will suffer because we will loose a lot of resources, they may be in for a shocker. That may just be the revolution we need to work hard and become the great nation we’ve always had the potentials to become. So biafrans, what have you all to say? Drop those comments and let’s argue some politics.


One thought on “Errmm!! Exkus me -Biafrans, Can we talk?

  1. Emeka Njoku says:

    We just wanna go. We are not the same with the northerners. We are different, clumped together into one entity by the British.


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