Shame on Body Shamers

I was bored…

So as is my manner when am bored, I went on twitter. It was rewarding because I instantly lost sight or feel of my boredom. I happened upon what I can only term “The” most Useless and most unproductive tweet of all time. This girl (I struggle to keep her name out of this) tweeted and I quote…

“Dear slim girls, no guy wants to date a girl that looks like a ciggarette stick..add some weight #NoOffense”. Firstly, it baffles me at how people can say “no offense” when they so blatantly seek to offend. We talk about body shaming all day everyday. We see how women are put under undue pressure to conform to a certain norm and be a certain way and we all know it has gotten out of hand. The amount of surgeries to make women into what might be appealing to society is obscene. Women are loosing their self esteem over what others think about their body.

I was so disappointed and upset by this girl’s tweet and I mince no words when I say that it is the height of stupidity. She said no guy wants to date slim girls and I was glad to see guys barge at her with insults (yes I was glad). She can’t speak for all guys, everyone has a preference and to make a certain category of girls feel less than sexy or beautiful is just the height of idiocy.

You are beautiful as you are, slim, thick, plus size, or whatever. Also and very important, you do not need anyone to validate your body nor your beauty. Why should my opinion of me be based on how beaus and the male species see me? That is ludicrous and that really pissed me off about that girls tweet. Besides, it could not be more inaccurate. Suffice it to say that I am one of those proudly slim girls, who can say that that tweet of hers is a bunch of bull. If we are talking about the amount of men that show interest in slim girls, I can be a case study… (no pun intended).

This is just to say that whatever someone has in mind, which is not a generally accepted notion, is nothing but an opinion and mere speculation. That girl was out of line and beyond idiotic to have tweeted that. I hope all slim girls who read that are as strong and decisive as I am. No one and nothing can shake my self esteem, heck I slay everytime, in whatever, because first and foremost, I loves me some me. I love myself, as is…and if tomorrow I become a fat girl, I’ll still love myself as I find me amd am vain enough to say others will still love me as they do now. If a woman wants to look a certain way, maybe work out to loose weight or eat more to gain weight, that is her prerogative. No one has the rightto shame her into doing it. Shame on you if you try.

I realize it is from some deep seated inferiority and lack of self love that the girl tweeted that. Because if there’s anything I know, its that people who attack the looks of others do it to make themselves feel better. They may look like trolls but they would say the worst about others. I once got a shocked guy tell me am weird because I joined him to admire a beautiful lady. I see beauty in everyone, I see something that is beautiful in everyone no matter the flaws and so I hate people who think they have the guts to stand aloof and say one category of God’s creation is better than another. Shame!!!!


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