In The Mouth of 3 or more

There is a part of the Bible that says :In the mouth of 3 or more people, truth is established”. This as I understand it (correct me if I’m wrong) means that when an individual is to be judged or assessed, if 3 or more have the same opinion about that person then the opinion must be a fact.

I recently learnt that that scripture is strictly relegated to people of character. People whose words can be trusted and people with credibility not to speak out of turn. It would be wrong to just accept a thing as being true just because several people are saying it is. This is because of a story I would share with you.

Very recently, someone real close to me shared a story with me and I picked a lesson. This lady had gone to serve and had met a boy at camp and because they were from the same state and later posted to the same place of primary assignment, they bonded but only as friends. She later had accommodation issues and the boy who lived in that same state of deployment took her home to his mom who agreed she could be living with them since above anything they were kindreds and the ppa was close to the house. They lived in remarkable peace and the girl was given her measure of freedom. Being old enough, she had a boyfriend and he would come over to visit her, she would go down, they would talk and he would leave. He never went inside or asked to be introduced. Not long after that, the mom called this girl and asked her if she feels she could have anything with her son because the son apparently likes her. The lady who had been taking him as a friend and who is even older than he is said no she only saw him as a brother.

Soon afterwards, the attitude in the house changed. The boy became antagonistic and the mom would deftly turn a blind eye. One faithful day, these two so-called friends got into a fight. The boy slapped her and she slapped him back and the next thing he did was take out his belt and beat her severely. His friend was around, sitted in the living room and did nothing. The girl went upstairs to alert the mom and all the mom said was “Was that why you people were shouting anyhow? If your husband in the future should beat you is that how you would go and report to his parents? The girl was in shock. First of all, how would a mother sit up there hearing a girl scream from her son’s beating and do nothing and then have the nerves to ask such odious questions? The girl knew that she had overstayed her welcome and so she packed her things and she moved out.

She had nowhere to go so she went to a cheap hotel and stayed the night there. From the hotel she called her boyfriend who was not in town and explained what happened. He told her it was alright and that since she had moved out it was fine. Two days later the girl got a call and it was from a police station where she was being summoned. She was shocked wondering what business she could have with the police but as an upstanding citizen she went to clarify whatever it could be.

On getting there she heard the craziest tale. Unknown to her after she had dropped that call with her boyfriend, he had flown back from where he was back to the state. He had taken his friends, gone over to the guys house who had beaten the girl up and while his friends waited in the car, he had gone up and beaten the boy silly. The boys friend who had been around while he was beating the girl and did nothing, went down to get a shovel. Now the boyfriend’s friends seeing the guy take a shovel and go up, knew their friend was about to be ganged up on so they followed and went up too. As they were getting up the friend was slamming the shovel against the boyfriend’s head. One of the friends of the boyfriend picked up the shovel and hit the friend of the woman beater with it and the situation fast became a full-blown fight.

The girl was shocked as her boyfriend had seemed calm about the whole situation. She was put behind bars and so the boyfriend had to come. The mom of the woman beater had alerted the police after she had gotten home and found her son and the friend in a pool of their own blood. The son had a cracked skull and ribs and so she wanted all the anger channelled at this girl. She brought so many men who claimed the girl was a harlot and they had slept with her. She brought bike men who said the girl had slept with them. She lied that she had gotten into her son’s room by 3 a.m to pull the girl off her son stark naked. These reports came from the mouths of over 3 witnesses. They were way more than 3, they were multiples of 3, maybe a dozen. Yet not an ounce of truth was coming out of their mouths.

No one asked the boy any questions for battering a lady because he was now the most recent victim and the girl had not reported. After the NYSC began to round up, the girl got a job and settled and soon after the boy came to beg for forgiveness.

I listened to this story and I just knew that because many people say a thing about someone, it did not make it the truth. The girl had trusted the wrong people in a town where she knew no one based on,we are from the same place and they had rubbished her. For a mother to sit there and let her son assault a woman, I have no words. For a boy to take out his belt and beat a woman or slap her, I am short of words but let me know your take on this. Like and share.


2 thoughts on “In The Mouth of 3 or more

  1. Jetty says:

    I was going to comment on the Bible verse cus i think it has a deeper spiritual meaning more than this but then, the story just sorrowfully took me away. Would that woman have acted the same way if it was her daughter? It’s just sad the way she acted towards another woman….I don’t even want to talk about the men cus both are just stupid.
    Anyways, I’m happy she’s moved on and living happily now. Thanks for sharing this.


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