Why i am sometimes a loner

People have different terms for things they do not understand. Sometimes some things seem odd to us and as such we tag it with odd names. Today we call homosexuals queer because we find their predilection very strange. We are by nature programmed to tag things we cannot comprehend with odd tags.

I know this because I have an odd tag of my own. When I was small my mom always told me I was melancholic. This was her own way of tagging my odd character of keeping to myself. I would be laughing this minute and the next I just wanted to be alone.

I would be happy this minute and the next I would become a ticking bomb. Lol, it was weird to them obviously because this is not a normal behaviour. My siblings would say “oh she is just antisocial”. People in school who didn’t know the first thing about me would say, she is a snob. There were many many of such tags. Some even said I just too dey feel myself.

Meanwhile, there are reasons for the way I am. I love being alone. I have no problem with being left alone in a big house. I could entertain myself. Listening to music is a hobby, writing like I am doing now is also a hobby, reading is a hobby which you can just tell by my vast collection of books. I love being alone and unapologetically so.

Sometimes yes maybe I may seem a little antisocial. I would rather sit at home with a good series to watch than go hang with friends. I don’t even have that many friends. I am not a people person, matter of fact I am agarophobic. This does not mean I do not have those few that I love being with.

There are my family members, my brothers, my sister, my parents. There are my friends,the few of them who I love dearly. There is Michael, I know most of you know him from my series on my NYSC romance. I am blessed to have people who love me, Halimas family, Michaels family, My family. Its beautiful.

All the same, sometimes, a girl just wants to be alone. Alone with my thoughts. This is when I get inspiration. When I am alone is when my best ideas spring forth. When I am alone is when I face my challenges and battle them. When I am alone is when I converse with myself and understand myself better.

I am not a snob, I may not like crowds or may not do what everyone else does but I am not a snob. I am also not antisocial, you should see me with Hafsat or Freda or Anu or Zara etc. You would not believe it is me. The only person who hit it close with her tag is my mother. I am a bit melancholic because I get moody but then it never lasts.

I hope this helps you to stop jumping to conclusions and putting tags on what you do not understand. Imagine how boring the world will be if everyone was alike. We all have our differences and that is what makes life a big beautiful adventure. This is because you learn from all of these differences in people. So please just be yourself without worry of tags or misconceptions. The ones who love you enough will always be there and they would understabd you as you are.


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