God is bigger than that…

I went for soak this past friday. Soak is a monthly programme that is held at Tetraedge international. This is the church I attend here in Benin and it is headed by this great man of God, Pastor James. I missed soak in January so I decided not to miss this one. It is every last Friday of the month.

The ministration was great but what I picked amidst all that was the word of encouragement the pastor had for us. He said that God is changing our positions. He is taking those who have oppressed us and he is putting them under us. He is making us their masters not for us to oppress them because he will hand them over to cruel men that will punish them. Our own role is to be their guide, their leader and their master.

I decided to look at this not just in the literal sense of the word but also in the relative sense. I look around me and there is much to be accomplished. There is much that is weighing me down. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations. I have a lot of challenges and desires. However, right there and then I decided I was a master of it all.

I would no longer be bothered or be weighed down or be disturbed because now I know that I am a master. I know now that God is bigger than that. He is bigger than all that. He is bigger than my challenges, yes forex may be scarce but God is bigger. It may seem really difficult to get my applications all set and get admissions to my choice medical school but God is bigger. I may not even know where the finances for the schooling would come from, all I need to know is God is bigger.

I felt so at ease after that, those words took away my worry. It took away my concerns and my doubt. Now I know that he has lifted me above my oppressions and above my oppressors be they living or circumstantial. I share this with you because everyone hurts sometimes, everyone bleeds sometimes, everyone needs a word of encouragement sometimes. I have no idea what your own demons may be. I have no inkling as to the challenges you are facing but I am here all the same. I am here to tell you that God is bigger than it all. You are the master of your own life and your destiny. I told someone that I needed the contacts of Atiku Abubakar or Nasir El-Rufai the governor of my state because I wanted to discuss scholarships with them

The person looked at me and said, I love how you always just go for what you want. Well that is because I am done believing in the impossible. For me now, there is nothing like impossible. I am simply going after what I want. I am taking what I want from life. I urge you to do the same, be happy, be you, be a master.


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