I watch Lucifer, it’s a series about the devil leaving hell and coming to California because he was tired of playing “the devil”. Anyway the series is filled with angels coming down to earth to try and get the devil back to hell and there is so much talk of “the silver city” and returning to it. This series is obviously lined with a lot of fiction considering they depict God as having a wife, who is the goddess of all creation. No such thing!!! But the fiction notwithstanding i began to really envisage heaven and the beauty it foretells of.

It is not called “the silver city” for mere name calling, heaven is a beautiful place, lined with streets of gold, paved with houses of silver and bedecked with jewels even those not known to man. We often think of the gruesomeness of hell and we quake when we wonder at the sufferings of those lost souls who are there at the moment. What we need to focus on is not so much the hell part, we need to focus on the beauty of heaven and on getting there.

This is not me saying you should forget the reality of hell, because believe me, it is real. No, what am saying is, we need to envision heaven and focus our minds on this paradise that our creator has made for us. So rather than quake in the fear of the fires of hell, we need to bask in the euphoria of heaven-the silver city.

Sometimes we are so distraught about the reality of eternity, i know i have been. We ponder and we wonder, why should there be a God who would be willing to send his children to a lake of fire that burns continually with fires that cannot be quenched. We are in doubt of many things and sometimes we even doubt the existence of God himself. I listen to this song by Hopsin, titled the Ill Mind of Hopsin. In his song, he laid bare his mind, spoke about how he can’t really accept the notion of God with all the many religions that are out there with vivid descriptions begging all men and women to listen. He said he is tired of people looking at him like his hell-bound and he can’t believe all the stories because God has not shown him the proof nor has he vocalized himself to him. He goes ahead to say he has not seen any talking snake unraveling from a tree with an apple to eat and he even acknowledges that if hell is truly a pit of fire and he gets thrown in it, he would probably regret the fact that he wrote that song.

This would not be the first nor would it be the last time someone would be so in doubt of God and i wonder why. Why do we need God to show himself in the physical before we believe, when he has shown himself in so much already. Why are we bent on being a doubting Thomas when we can see the changing seasons, we can see the universe, we can see the birds, the land, the seas. Who do we think made the galaxies, the sun, the moon? Who do we think makes the planets to revolve around the sun? Who is behind day and night?

Now science would give all sorts of explanations to defend this, and make no mistakes i am a scientist through and through. But even in science all i see is the wondrous manifestation of He who is the almighty, the creator, the all merciful, all loving, the father of all creation. All i see is Him, who has made all things possible and all i envisage is the Silver City and the eternal praise of Him who has brought us out of darkness and into his marvelous light. You may have doubts, it is normal but you cannot wallow in those doubts, there is God in everything, all you need to do is open your eyes and see him, let go of your emotions and feel him and then the reality of the invisible would be made known to you.

Happy Sunday


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