Miss Independent


I won’t deceive you, i am highly judgmental of any Lady who does not carry herself as such. In other words any lady who let’s anyone belittle her, who let’s anyone make her into a needy, desperate, uncouth, unable to fend for herself kind of girl, any Lady who let’s a man see her as less of a lady is one whom i have serious issues with. These sort of girls are out there searching for a husband that would come and take care of them, they are out there doing all sorts of desperate things to find a rich husband. Meanwhile the real ladies are out there making themselves top notch and classy and the rich and classy men are chasing tooth and nail. Don’t reduce yourself, God has given you beauty, grace, brains, resilience, what do you need anybody for then? You may want a rich man, good and fine, we all do but when that want  becomes a need that you just can’t do without, my dear you have fallen off the handle and you are no longer a lady.

Now i don’t mean to sound judgmental but there are some ladies out there who are a real embarrassment. Are you materialistic, no problem, but that is your thing, why would you be searching for a man to take care of those things for you. Let him see that you are independent and you don’t give no rats a** about his money and he would be bending 360 degrees to try and impress you. Ne-yo said it all, “She got her own thing, that’s why I love her…Miss Independent won’t you come and spend a little time….That’s just how it works. A man needs to see value in you for him to respect you, because trust me those species of human beings are highly disrespectful. He may not say it  but once you give him even an infinitesimal reason, he would disrespect the hell out of you and i don’t know about you but respect is the ultimate for me, it trumps love.

Now maybe you are with a man and you have nothing defined, he does not tell you what you are to him and you do not bother because you are getting nit bits from him, shame on you. You do not know your value, you are a side chic and you deserve to be one. You have not asserted yourself in a way that he would be terrified to take you for granted, he has seen that you need him and as such is not worried or even slightly uncomfortable to treat you like crap…better wise up!! You are a Lady, a woman, a goddess…they should be running after you and not the other way around. Build yourself, have a career, have a skill, have a job, fend for yourself and you would be surprised the caliber of people you attract. Diminish yourself before those testosterone driven men and you would get what you deserve and that is a trampling under foot by them…better wise up.

If he stops calling and texting, why are you fretting? Just keep it in mind that you are a goddess and you deserve nothing but the best. You have no reason to settle or be the one running around trying to get a man’s attention, don’t do it. DO NOT DO IT. You may like him a lot, give him his space, let him know that you may want him, but you sure as hell do not need him. If he does not realize just how valuable a gem you are then honey you are better off without him to begin with. Don’t let any man make you feel less than who you are and that is a goddess. Don’t let any man make you feel inferior and for God’s sake don’t let any man make you blame yourself for him leaving. If he does not want you that is his loss not yours. I am venting because i am honestly sick and tired of seeing Ladies act as though they couldn’t live without a man, as though they couldn’t be great without a man, as though they need a man to breathe. What is wrong with you? don’t you know who you are??? You are MISS INDEPENDENT and besides God almighty, you need no one, so Wise up…



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