I won’t just survive, you will see me thrive…

“when the fire’s at my feet again, and the vultures outside circling, they whispering….you are out of time…BUT STILL I RISE…this is no mistake, no accident, when you think the final nail is in..think again..don’t be surprised “I WILL STILL RISE”….Katy Perry

I am never the type to let anything weigh me down, there are always challenges but the important thing is to RISE above it. In 2013 i went through a dark phase that i thought would destroy me, believe me those words are not exaggerations BUT STILL I RISE…each and every day I RISE. That is not because i am strong willed or have a tough back bone that is impermeable, No, it’s because i chose to RISE above it. You too can do the same, because the more you conform to your challenges the more impossible it gets for you to rise above it.

This is why i am obsessed with Katy Perry’s song “RISE”. The minute i heard it, i was like “oh my God, she gets me”, it’s almost like she was serenading me with that song, because every word just reads my personality. Everything i write, though it has some bearing on me personally, its mostly for your edification, if i may. I want to see people of a strong will, people who don’t succumb or conform, people who would say no matter what “I WILL STILL RISE”. The honest truth is we are what we confess or proclaim. There is power in the tongue and if you continually proclaim i would RISE, out of poverty, out of sickness, out of depression, then believe me that is what will happen “YOU WILL STILL RISE”.


My sister just married, one of the men that are very rare in this age and time. Now i know she would cast her mind  back to all the exes who hurt her, the ones who treated her less than the goddess she is and the ones who didn’t value the asset she is. I know she would look back at the tears and say”BUT STILL I ROSE”. The disappointments of the past would be a relieve for tomorrow. You would look back and say “BUT STILL I ROSE”. This is my wish, it is my prayer and it is my sincere longing for all you my avid readers.



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