This too shall pass

It’s been a while pals but that’s not exactly my fault. You see, i have been sick. It started as just weakness and then the headaches came and the body aches and everything just kind of went topsy turvy from there on out. I was not myself and i was alone, it was rough. I honestly feared for my life on certain nights, i thought whoa, this may just be the end because of how i was feeling. Believe me, words cannot describe.

In all that, there was just one mantra i kept chanting to myself and it is the topic of this blog-post. I kept saying to myself, “This too shall pass” over and over and over again. I was shivering, the cold felt like it emanated from deep within my bone marrows, but i kept reciting the mantra over and over to myself. When the shakes came and i started throwing up even though i had eaten nothing, i still kept saying it to myself, this too shall pass. I prayed, but mostly i just kept up the chant, not aloud, just in my head.

See the kind of person i am is the kind that is strong. I don’t believe i can be weighed down for long you know. I believe that whatever the circumstances, it would only come and pass. It would never be forever, no matter how long it stays, it would pass. So i want to use this medium to encourage everyone reading this post, that whatever the situation may be, it too shall pass. Am very sure if you look back on your life, there would be scenarios and situations where you thought “OMG, i am screwed, how would i dig myself up from this” but i am also sure that the same scenario or situations resolved themselves. That bad situation may just be a vague memory now, because it came and it passed. That’s why i want you to adopt the notion of “This too shall pass” because in everything that happens to us, we must have a positive outlook. If we cave in and allow every bad thing that happens to us to weigh us down, then moving on would be a tough call. I don’t want to sound like i am preaching, but shall we say after going through the health hazard i went through and coming out strong, I tend to appreciate everything and i mean everything.

What i had was pneumonia and malaria, believe me when i say people have died from less. Worst of all i started treating myself for typhoid and after a week i was only getting worst, before i eventually went and got myself tested. My mother was freaking out, why because when i was 7 i had a near death experience with pneumonia and she started screaming, redeploy, leave that place etc. Well it is not the place, although the constant rain here does not help, but it is not the place actually. Anyone can have pneumonia anywhere and in the same vein, anyone can have challenges anywhere. What differs, is how we approach these situations and the positive train of thoughts we entertain. So from now on when things get tough just keep saying to yourself “This too shall pass” and trust me, it will.


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