Yesterday the most peculiar thing happened to me, i have been bursting to talk to you about it. There is an on-going international youth summit at the Church of God Mission International here in Benin city; if you are around please do attend, it is awesome. The program was a life changer right from the first day with the very seasoned preacher Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo as Guest speaker. I was really blessed needless to say, that would be a post for another blog because what he taught us is something i cannot keep to myself, it is what every human should grasp unto. So look forward to my next post for the inspiration from that great man of God.

What i want to talk about in this post however, is the Favor that God showed me. During the course of the preaching, all the blessings were pouring forth and i just kept getting an urge in the spirit to sow a seed. I am a great believer in seed sowing as i have seen it’s manifestation time and time again. Everyone was running to the altar to sow a seed and the Holy Spirit kept urging me to do same. See during the prayers all i had prayed for was God’s favor. I am a very favored child, i often tell people that 95% of the time i always get what i want and that is because of no power of mine, it simply is as a result of unmerited favor. So i asked God for more favor and his guidance. I was still getting the urge to sow a seed but i was in a predicament. All i had was 500 naira on me, there was no ATM on me and infact my Zenith account which has an ATM was empty and my GTB which has cash has no ATM. Here i am in church in the evening, i had come on my own and would have to return at night on my own and i would need that 500 for drop because where i live is not where one should walk around alone at night.

So i was torn, i really wanted to give the seed but the 500 was a single note and so i could not even drop 200 or so, it had to be all or nothing. I decided, hey, the blessings i am about to receive are incomparable to a measly 500 naira, so i grabbed my purse, took out the 500 naira and dashed to the altar with it. There is no harvest without a seed. I dropped it and my spirit immediately calmed, i was ready to walk home if need be and the program ended by 9 pm. I just knew last last, i wouldn’t be in any danger, not after committing myself into God’s hands and i felt peace.

After the program i left and was walking home, mind you it is no small distance, i have no idea how i thought i would have made it. After i had walked some 5 minutes, i realized i had forgotten my umbrella under the seat where i sat and anyone that knows Benin City knows that it is a city that just loves to rain unannounced, i mean it just pours. With that in mind i rushed back to the church but the umbrella was gone, with the thousands of people that came it was no surprise someone would have picked it already. I was disappointed as an umbrella and a shower cap are two things one really needs in this state, especially as a female youth corper prone to moving around without a personal car. Anyway, what could i do, i headed back the way i had come but before i had retraced my previous steps, a black SUV slowed to a crawl beside me and the windows rolled down. Obviously my first instinct was to take to my heels because it is Edo state after all and worse it is election time and am sure heads are needed. I was about to run when the man said where are you going? Don’t be afraid this is Mama’s escort car. At the mention of Mama i stopped and looked closely. The car was one of the cars belonging to Mama, Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa, the Archbishop of CGMI. I was so relieved, i told them where i was going which was around where mama herself lived, so they offered to drop me and i gladly hopped in.

If you recall i was going to have walked home which would have taken nothing less than 3 hours and this was already 9 pm. The driver and escort took me to my area and dropped me. I still had some small distance to cover but at least i was familiar with the road and it would take me less than an hour to get home. I began walking briskly before anyone would think am a prostitute and stop car. For those who know Benin well, you must have heard of Tony Kabaka, now i live just opposite his street, a street named after him, a renowned tout. So i was very uneasy about walking that area alone at night, plus there were bushes once you have gone off the road, my house as pretty as it is is surrounded by bushes and well snakes were not my friends so i was scared to go in alone. As God would have it before i got to that area at all, i was still on the bright main road when a keke driver suddenly stopped and asked where i was going. I didn’t have one naira on me so of course i told him not to worry but he said he was retiring for the night he would just drop me along the way. I jumped in immediately and he picked one more person to help along the way. He was going to drop me close to the junction where i would have to walk into my fear zone, i was already readying my dying phone to use my remaining bars for torch light services. The driver suddenly spoke Hausa to a woman along the road which is rare since this is the South South and he didn’t look northern. I replied him in Hausa and said “Oh Ashe kai Bahaushe ne? (Oh, so you are a Hausa Man?) he was shocked and asked where i was from and i told him.

He then said he was going to drop off his keke for the night because the fuel was finishing but along the road was his friend’s house and he would just switch keke and take me and the other guy to our doorsteps since am his sister. I could have started dancing there and then. He did exactly that and dropped me right in front of my gate. You would have to travel this journey with me in real life, with all the bad roads and scary bushes of Edo state to understand just how much favor God showed me last night. It was really amazing, that the 500 i had given to God as a seed was already manifesting even before the night was over. If i think of what might have happened to me if i had attempted walking home, i shudder but the reality of the matter is God is faithful and he is merciful because if that SUV wasn’t mama’s car i would definitely not have entered even if the person meant well. I would have taken to my heels as that would be the wise thing to do and if that keke hadn’t offered to pick me i would have walked into a snake zone with nothing but a dying phone and who knows what would have happened. The keke man said to me, as he saw me and how i was walking really fast something just told him to stop and help. Please, if that ain’t favor then what is it? I believe in seed sowing much more than i did before and i urge you, you don’t need to be a Christian or a religious person to try this out. Once you give, to whomever, be it to God or to the needy, it always has an awesome way of carving out a path to favor and glory for you. I could mention several other ways that seed sowing has helped me, but i have already exceeded my set limit of 1000 words per blog and anyway am sure you get the picture.


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