Sometimes we create our Monsters

monstermanual_th_0_resized-970x545At least about five of my readers have contacted me to ask why there hasn’t been any activity on my blog of recent. I sincerely apologise, so many things have occupied my mind of recent, so much so that I lack inspiration and I only come here when I am inspired. Well tonight i feel i am inspired, even though right at this moment i only know i want to write, but what about, i have no idea. I guess we will figure out as we proceed.

I just finished watching a 50 episode Korean series titled cruel palace. Yes, for those who watch Korean dramas you know how intriguing they get, it must have been really intriguing if i spent 50 hours watching it as each episode was an hour thereabout. The story line centered around a sweet girl who was born to a concubine. This girl fell in love with a boy who had formerly been an aristocrat but his father had been wrongfully labelled a traitor so he had fallen out of grace. In those times aristocrats looked down on those who weren’t noble born and so a lot of people even the ones who weren’t of the noble class always looked down on this sweet girl. The mother of the boy she was in love with obviously refused to have her as a wife for her son, even though she was even wealthier than they were since they had fallen out of grace, but because she was a concubines daughter, she was considered dirty and tainted and only good enough to be a concubine.

Long story short, Yam Jun (the sweet girl) eventually became the concubine to the king and became utterly and entirely evil. This finally brings me to the topic i want to talk about and it is “Sometimes we create our own monsters”. She sought to rise to be the queen and put an illegitimate son, who was really the son of a farmer, as the next king. That way she would have broken all rules and destroyed the class struggle which labelled a concubine and a farmer to be filth and unable to attain royaltymonstermanual_th_0_resized-970x545. She ended up becoming really wicked and took a lot of lives in her quest and she died eventually which saddened the living day light out of me. I am practically mourning as i just watched my favorite character stoned to death and buried beneath the ruble. That’s not to say am here to gist you about this drama, no, am no story teller.

My point in sharing that is just as the title goes, we create our own monsters sometimes. We have faults, yes, everyone does, but sometimes we choose to look down on those we dim less fortunate than us. Someone will say because they are educated they cannot be civilized to those who aren’t. Or someone will look at the standard of living of an individual and then look down on them because they are not as wealthy. If such poor people who have been looked down upon get so frustrated and exasperated that they turn to evil and crime such as armed robbery, theft, ritual killings, then we cry foul. We raise alarm and say they are evil, they kill the innocent, steal from the innocent etc, meanwhile we conveniently forget that they were innocent till we made them into the monsters that they are. A girl would be struggling to get by and living modest and all she gets is insults and mockery, she then turns to prostitution to uplift herself and her esteem and what does society do? They call her dirty, filth, scum, meanwhile we have a part to play in what she has become.

Now i am definitely not excusing those who turn to crime at the smallest whim and i am not saying they are totally blameless no matter the situation  but in the case of Yam Jun for instance society was to blame mostly. Had her boyfriend’s mother accepted her as a human who loved her son then she would have remained the sweet girl she was. Had her father not called her a bastard and told her to never call him father, then she would have remained the sweet girl she was. Had society not seen her and turned there noses down because she was a concubine’s daughter and therefore had no right to education, then she would likely not have become evil. Her own father looked down on her, the wife of her father beat her mother almost to death severally and the law did nothing, yet when she became evil everyone forgot how she had been treated. So sometimes, sometimes, we are the architects of our own problems, we create our own downfall and our  monsters with our high and mighty behavior.

At the end of the day, we are all humans and should treat each and everyone with respect and dignity irrespective of class difference and social construct. That way we preserve the good in people and not frustrate out the dark side that is hidden in each and everyone of us. This is because, as the saying goes, even a rat/mouse that has been backed into a corner, will bite. No matter how harmless, when we subject our fellow humans to indignity and treat them like scum, there is bound to be a retaliation and the result might not be favorable to us. Keep you pride in check and respect the next human around you…..Peace


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