So I Heard Respect is Earned…


So i heard Respect is Earned..i also heard Respect is reciprocal and then i heard Respect means accepting people for who they are….WOW!! shocking how people don’t seem to understand this concept, except of course, respect means different things to different people.


Respect to me is a key to friendship, respect is more keen to me than love. So i heard respect is earned, how come i don’t have yours. Everything i have done, all it has built up to, in no way leaves room for you to disrespect me.

Many things i can stand, a lot of distastefulness i can stomach. I can stand malice, strife, anger, jealousy, hate, and many more, but all i ask from you who claims to love me is Respect. Too much to ask? i think not. So i heard respect is earned, please show me the way.

So my attitude is the problem? My speech, its mannerism, a thorn? Do i sit and just spew nonsense without reason? Am i mad to act without a reactant. There is no product without a reactant, that would just yield a null hypothesis. So if my attitude is the problem, have you checked how you treat me? I am not mad, so My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.

Yes, i expect you will justify it, you are stressed, going through a lot and need understanding, well so do i. Have i the same strength of a thousand? the will of the mighty? Have i the same patience of the meek, the resilience of the brave? If you are to have me, there is no changing me, Respect means accepting me for who i am.

Oh you don’t see your wrong? you feel you are the victim, the saint in this melodrama? How about the judgement, the nagging, the complains, the lack of understanding and patience. Did i bear them all or have i complained? that is the respect i accorded you, one not reciprocated. So i heard respect is earned but even a brick has it’s breaking point and a rubber has its elastic limit.

So i heard Respect is earned, i did earn yours. Based on my works, my regard for you, my care for you, my trust in you, i should have earned yours. Based on principles beyond partiality, based on facts devoid of emotion, i should have earned yours. You have mine, but you withheld yours. So i heard Respect is earned, Your disrespect of me has become the end of us.


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