A Life of Purpose

“But i have raised you up for this very purpose, that i might show you My power and that My Name might be proclaimed in all the earth (Exodus 9:16)…”


These days i have begun to think a whole lot about the purpose for which i am alive. Don’t get me wrong, i have always been a very focused, ambitious and one may even say an over-achiever of a girl. I knew from a long time that i wanted to be a medical practitioner, i knew i wanted to branch into the cardio-thoracic surgical part of medicine. I knew the form and the pattern my life was to take and to the 90th percentile, things are shaping up according to my plans. Will i therefore say this is the purpose for my life? No i can’t.

I am not all righteous or all holy or anything of the sort, i am certainly not one of those holier than thou people, but i am a deep believer in my faith and the existence of an all-seeing, all knowing, all powerful God, by whom all actions are judged. It is the purpose that He has for my life that i have begun to ponder on and as you know this is my forum to freely express myself. There are times in our lives that everything we have set in motion, all our plans, all our scheduled happenstances are all falling into place like we wanted but yet we feel lost. I have those times and i am sure you do as well. There are times friends around us may not necessarily feel like friends, colleagues may not feel like colleagues, allies may not feel like allies and nothing feels right, even though everything is going right. I have had those times and i am sure so have you. How did i combat such situations? I knew i had to figure out the source of that deeply seated unhappiness, the source of the dissatisfaction, the source of the discontent even in the face of plenty positives. I am reaching out to anyone who may be feeling this way, the simple truth is with all those accomplishments you may still be missing the purpose for which you are alive. I am talking about the purpose for which the creator has placed you on the earth, the reason you were created. Deep huh??? Well even Funom can be deep some times.

I wrote a book recently about a lady who on getting to the age of 30 began to reflect on her life, her accomplishments and all she had attained. She was well to do, working in a high paying company and basically had all she wanted but she was lost. She didn’t feel complete and everything she had meant nothing to her because she had not found her purpose. In the same vein, till we find our purpose on earth we are not fulfilled or complete no matter the riches or accomplishments we amass. I am well aware that some of my readers may not be Christians, this is not a Christian post, it is just one that recognizes a supreme entity who is the sole giver of purpose. Once you find your purpose, you could be a gate keeper but you are at peace, you are fulfilled, you are richer than the richest man who has not found his purpose. It’s been on my mind and it’s been my prayer that i do not miss the purpose that God has portioned for me, in my quest for vanity and mundane things. I would share this prayer with you all, my avid readers, that you do not miss the purpose God has portioned for you in this life IJN….Now with all that being said, if you are a gentleman corp member, serving in Edo state (cos i dunno about other states), tomorrow is your general CDS, so if you haven’t ironed your khaki and your white, you are so WRONG…. Have a lovely night rest and please share and like and comment and follow the blog if you aren’t already following.


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