NYSC-My kryptonite

I would be leaving for camp in some hours time, so i have no inkling as to when next i can pen down my thoughts for your avid consumption. Yes, i know, finally right??? Let me give you guys the break down of my struggle this year with the National Youth Service Corps. This program as a lot of you know was initially slated for February, I mean after school what next? For people like me who have medical school as the next chapter, we needed this year of small rest you know, before we totally become books personified. So yes, i was indeed looking forward to my service year but then before we could say ‘Wa ya tashi, wa ya mutu’ they had moved camp to March 1st, we said no problemo, then it was March 30th and then April 27th. Mehn it was such a frustrating hassle really. Imagine sitting at home doing nothing and not even being able to apply for a job because you wouldn’t know when they would come up and say date has changed.
Finally o, stream i went to camp and me that was so eager to go to camp now got stream ii-actually that was just because God is used to over answering my prayers (baba G, i am not complaining). So when they were doing their rig-ma-roll and their tete-a-tete,my graduation was coming up in MaY. I finished December but in AUN na one commencement we dey get, so i had the option of going for my graduation in May, or not, i already had my degree so it wasn’t compulsory to attend, but i wanted to. So i prayed to God for Stream ii because Stream i was going to clash with my grad week, i regretted that prayer by the way because stream i went and they kept posting stream ii people. First it was May 21, we waited and waited they didn’t send call up letter. On the 19th when everyone had already given up, we were already waiting for a postponement and i was about to submit an application for a job, then they posted and again God over answered my prayers. This time it was the state of deployment, i had picked Abuja as my first choice and while i love the city i wasn’t sure i wanted it because you know, really expensive for corper life, so i prayed for Edo state, my second choice and God answered.
Sigh of relief yes? Hh, I wish. I ran to market and started buying them white on white and rubber shoe them, only for them to move it on the 20th and this time they vex; it was postponed indefintely. Chaii, only me?? I could not even vex at this stage, i jus compose. If you are on my snapchat (@Micarida) you would have noticed i was just travelling here and there, why, because bored. I said oya na lemme apply for job again and i was getting these jobs o funny enough. This time it was at AUN hotel and i got it, same day, i was going to book my flight for the next day because it was an immediate thing, only for guess what? You got it right, NYSC released date, we were now going on the 13th of June. It was now comic to me i tell you. I had to call and apologise and cancel the job, all the while wondering if they would post pone again.
So far so good they haven’t and i am leaving for camp tomorrow morning. The struggle did not end there o, Arik started with their wahala, they can’t just let someone be great and it’s because i had no choice that i am booked with their dead ariline. My 7:30 flight is being moved to 11 a.m and am just wondering about that registration queue in camp, how i wan take do am, bear in mind that i am hypoglycemic and standing for too long…not very healthy. However, i have conquered months of disappointment and rescheduling of tickets and change of plans and frustration and anger and the rest, so Arik is small fish to fry. So as i go, please stay tuned to my blog for juicy excerpts on my service year (from camp bae to all the other juicies).
Ehen another thing, i heard it’s 15k from benin airport to okada where camp is, edakun epp me, as you read, if you know anyone going to edo camp tomorrow by air abeg give the person my twitter handle @Diosa_fhunom, or my email @funom.hassan@aun.edu.ng, let’s share cab because nobody has 15k for cab, kilode? is the cab made of gold? or will it take me to heaven…ok thanks guys for reading, as usual share, like, repost, comment (most importantly) oh and follow my blog (more important than comment)…Bless and I love you all


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