The thing called vanity is one people always look at with some sort of aversion. However, I think in some aspects vanity should be owned and there should be no shyness about it. Personally, I am an incredibly vain person and I am also incredibly proud about it. Why??? Because it is a part of me and i totally own that. I am vain about my looks, i am vain about my association, i am also vain about my future..yes..indeedy. I am not conceited, this is where people get it wrong. They see someone being vain and they be like, oh she is too full of herself, or they are like, he is so full of himself. Meanwhile, it’s a whole different world when you talk about vanity and when you talk about conceit.

Let me explain vanity to you from my POV. Vanity is to me the things you hold dear that shapes your life and makes you an individual of high esteem. Yes, people will define vanity and call it excessive pride or worthless obsession or what not. I however, have my own meaning for the word vanity. I am of the opinion that one needs to be vain otherwise one would be trampled upon in all sorts of ways. Now, don’t get me wrong, i am not saying to go about doing things that aren’t you but as long as that is who you really are, then own it. you owe nobody any explanations, nor do you owe anyone any apologies. I am concerned about how i appear, i am vain and i am proud of it. I have standards for my future and the kinds of people i associate with, yes, i am vain and i am proud of it. I want the best of me to show, i groom myself to bring out the best of me and if that is offensive to someone then i have no apologies.

I get people asking me, “What is your ideal man? “What is your type of man? When i answer i often get weird looks and upturned noses. Why?? This is because they feel i have an impossible standard or that i am just being so vain. Lol, but yes, i am being vain. It is what works for me. I won’t settle. If it’s offensive that i want someone who speaks polished English, who i can introduce to people without being embarrassed, then i have no apologies. If wanting a good looking man who is taller than me and has some certain features is offensive, then i have no apologies. When i say all these i am not restricting vanity to looks or the men you chose, even your career you can be vain about it. I would not just be a general practitioner in the field of medicine. no, i would be a Cardio-Thoracic surgeon, so help me God. This is because i have the vanity that won’t let me settle for mediocrity when i can excel. My vanity has therefore become my propellant and what helps me to soar. This is because i know what i want, i know what works for me and i am not hypocritical as to deny it. I own that…

People have low-self esteem because they are not vain. My vanity gives me confidence. If you insult me today it would bounce off me, why, because i have already placed myself on a pedestal and words can’t bring me down. I am a queen and i rule with an iron fist. So you can try and take away my crown, but i would never let my kingdom down. This kingdom being your esteem, if your vanity helps your esteem then honey, be vain and be proud of that. When it comes to men they say my standards are high. Hey, but most of the men who approach me are of my standard. So what are you saying? The value you attach to yourself is the value that people would attach to you. so if you go about acting timid and nonchalant, that is what you would invite upon yourself. So please, if you are the i-don’t-care-type, please begin to care a little, except of course, if your present condition works for you. If you are vain, like me, cut the pretense and own that thing. Rule your KINGDOM..


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