Incandescence is the emission of electromagnetic radiation (including visible light) from a hot body as a result of its temperature. The term derives from the Latin verb incandescere, to glow white. Incandescence is a special case of thermal radiation. I, however am not going scientific with this topic, no not at all. Let’s leave science for when am all ‘nerded’ up. Right now though, what I  want to talk about in regards to incandescence is the other part of it, as the word holds another meaning which is emotional intensity as well as intelligence. When someone portrays a high intensity of intelligence, anger or even romantic passion such a person is simply being incandescent. El-Oh-El, yes I know I just taught you a new word; you are welcome.

I am driven to write about this because….OK, honestly I don’t know what I want to write about. All I know is this topic ministers to me and am just going with the flow and putting my fingers to keys to find a common ground that could also minister to you, my avid readers.

Call me a romantic if you may but let’s take a little while and relate this to love. When one is incandescent, the person is bright and emitting hot energy basically. This person is glorious and should be shining and that is what love does to us. Now, I would be the first to admit that I don’t know the first thing about love since am a very practical and realistic person but the little I have come to know about it is that it does brighten us up, it makes us shine and we glow from the internal depths of energy in us. Now let’s backtrack a bit to science and see how it relates. Yes, yes, yes… I had to bring science back into it; see that’s the beauty of science it is practical and relational to virtually everything in the real sense of the word. It is common to see people want to turn down the lights during romantic dates and rendezvous, you know, cause it sets the mood and what not. I however am saying, turn that thing up. Yes, turn the light up, let the room be bright and shiny because that is when your romantic session would hold even more romance….and passion.

Why? I’ll tell you why. This is because research has shown that the ‘candere’ or brightness in the incandescent light bulb has an emission that is reflected on human feelings and emotional intensity as well. Eat a strawberry in a brightened room and it tastes better than when you eat it in the dark, have a brightly lit dinner and you are more in sync with each other than you would be in a candle-light dinner. Ok because I can basically see some of you shaking your heads at what you may consider my gibberish, let me just say this. I am not saying the candle-lit dinners should be forsaken, far from it, I do know it can be romantic but hey, these are facts I am giving you. Try it.

We need and want to be bright and fired up and lightened up. That is because we are incandescent beings and this also reflects in our anger. Why do you think you are more prone to being cranky under bright sunlight or basically under brightness. Your emotions are working over time and are intensified. So all am saying here is, you are incandescent, you are incandescence itself, so go forth, be bright and illuminate someone’s life with your intensity and your passion…



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