I wail, I wail; I seek reprieve, I wail
The bleeding skies, the dusk at dawn
The trees, they bend; to and fro, they bend
My heart, it bleeds; my tempestuous soul is weak

I wail, not for me; I wail but for thee
The offsprings dear, I sprout on earth
The beauty and peace, no longer in sight
My heart, it bleeds; I wail, I wail

I wail, I wail; for past glories, I wail
The nature rich, the vegetations green
The summer sun, the smiling kids
My heart yearns, for a step back in time

I wail, indeed, I wail for earth
The precious, vast and beautiful earth
The rich black soil, the bright bright sun
My fear whispers that earth is gone from me

I wail, I wail; for love, I wail
To find the peace and embrace the love
To break the shackles and redeem my babe
My gentle babe, my beautiful earth


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