Over the terrains, the mountainous terrains I’ll go
To seek and search, for riches untold
Over the plains, I’ll toil and traverse
To hold in mine, the treasures beyond

Out to sea, I’ll row and row
Though weary I be, I’ll seek and search
Over the hills, I’ll climb and rise
To witness beyond, the vastness of wealth

Under and beneath, I’ll dig, I’ll scrape
The blister pain, I’ll think not of
Under the earth, I’ll sink in mire
To find that which only the brave can find

Through the fire, I’ll pass, I’ll endure
My scorching back, I’ll pay no heed to
For real treasures survive the harshest
To find beyond, the treasures mine

I’ll sing, I’ll dance; a shout of triumph I’ll make
For long turmoils, for pains unspeakable
The labour of mine, the sorrows I bore
Now a testament thereof, is my treasure beyond


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