So for a loooong time I haven’t come on here to blog. Actually the last time was on the first of January…l.o.l, talk about inconsistency, but hey, the graduate life has not been easy. It’s a scam, so stay in school where you are pampered because the real life is hard, believe me. Anyway, much as I would like to, am not here to rant about my personal failings and what not. I want to talk on an issue that bugs me every time I come across it and that is a lot. This is a phenomenon that we actually see in our every day life; the issue of double standards.

There are probably several definitions of the term double standard. Among these definitions would be ” a principle that is applied unfairly, while condemning one aspect, it treats the other aspect with leniency” it could also be defined as “An ideology conceived by society which is used to judge the people of that society; it’s a rule that one cannot seem to adhere to because however one tries, one seems to be in violation”. Now this is my personal take on double standards and before you get bored and stop reading, i urge you to follow my train of thoughts here. I know i just got a little ambiguous so let me break it down and let’s see if this issue is one that bothers just me.

So for instance (and i know this is a cliche example..but erghh, the truth has to be said) a guy says i want a girl that is thick, has nice all that, you know where am getting at right? yh, so they set that standard as what they conceive to be the ideal; absolutely nothing wrong with that if you ask me. Everyone’s got an entitlement to their opinions don’t they? The problem however is this: a man sees a woman that fits this standard that he has set but then he realizes she has surgically enhanced herself and then he goes ballistics. We see women being insulted every now and then because they got implants in their boobs or ass or because they got Botox shots or nose jobs. We seem to forget, we have set the standards and by so doing have said this is the norm and if you don’t conform to this norm then you are not normal. So therefore, women are plagued with the case of low self esteem and they go to any lengths to “conform” to this norm. It’s a sad sad world we live in!

You may say ” that’s their fault, why should they have low esteem, they should be proud of themselves. True, they should, but not everyone has the strength to withstand criticism. When society looks down on a lady for being less endowed or for being black skinned or for having stretch marks after birth or for being on the plus side, it becomes something that eats away at us when we are the object of such criticism. someone who previously loved themselves would go on and get bleached, or do all sorts to fit into the norm.

Society is such that we berate the ones we think don’t fit into the norms and when they go ahead to enhance themselves, we berate them some more. The ones who are naturally like that, we spend so much time speculating if they are really like that naturally. Now we can’t see a thick woman (Except she’s African) and not speculate as to whether she’s had some “work” done. In the case where she is African, we are looking for other faults, like flabby tummy, wrinkles, thick waistline and the rest.

Seriously, we need to stop this. This double standard has done nothing but turn our society and our world into a mess. We need to let people do what makes them happy. If you want a thick woman, go for it, you don’t need to insult or make a non-thick woman feel like less of a woman, because everything that makes her a woman she has it. If you don’t want an artificial or surgically made woman, then appreciate the ones who are loving themselves natural or very soon there won’t be any, as we would all be getting, finger reductions, vagina rejuvenation, forehead reduction, hairline surgery and the likes. True beauty lies in being yourself and if being yourself includes improving yourself, it is nobody’s business. So let’s try to mind our business and stop castigating and making rules like we are God. We cannot create and so we have no right to berate anyone that God has created.



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