First and foremost..HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!

I know the usual cliche is to go on and start talking about the new year being a chance for a resolution and the likes. Well I won’t be cliche to go on about that. I just have a simple message for everyone and it is that God has afforded us the privilege to partake in this new beginning, not so we can transform over night into new beings, but so we can continue to work at being better people.

People often sit and promise themselves, in this new year I will never do this, I will never do that, am done with drinking, womanizing, smoking, partying too much etc…and believe me, they usually mean all of these promises, but it is not an issue of making promises to yourself. It is not a magical scenario whereby you can stand up one day and magically change all the things you do not like about yourself. That never works and in my books it is hypocrisy of the highest magnitude.

What I want for myself is not to change overnight. Does that go to say that there aren’t things I do not like about myself? No!! There certainly are things I wish I could change about myself. However, it is a working progress. A wise man/woman should identify the things that they find appalling in their lives and work at it, day in, day out. Waiting for the 1st of January to make such a decision is one being at the peak of a deception point. If you don’t like a thing you do, work at it. If you want to be a better person, good and fine, work at it. This is because deciding out of the blue that you would stop doing a thing is going to prove futile.

Hey! you may even be able to keep up the charade for a week, a month even..but trust me you would fall right back to the place where you started, if not in a far worse place than that. So my own gift to you this New Year, is the gift of knowledge; knowledge which am sure most people know but may not necessarily practice. Everyday should be a chance to work at being a better version of you, don’t join the band wagon of deception who think stepping from 11:59 pm on December 31st into 12:00 a.m on January 1st would automatically transform them into Cinderella with a character bordering on perfection. It certainly won’t..

I wrote this because since the year began, people have been asking me what is your resolution, what is your resolution..Frankly I thought people had long buried that notion. I however, replied simply that my resolution was the same as what it had been yesterday in 2015. This is because as far as am concerned making myself a better person is a journey and like we know “Rome was not built in a day” give yourself a breathing ground, don’t pressure yourself into fitting a status-quo or a yardstick that you have set for yourself. Rather be progressive in your quest and in no time, without even knowing it, you would have attained the degree of personal change that you sought for yourself..

HAPPY NEW YEAR,…once again!!! May this year bring with it more abundance of favor, God’s love, his protection, his provision and overall, his sustenance…


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