I write this with much emotion. Precisely 3 years, 11 months and 4 days ago, on the 15th of January 2012, I stepped foot for the first time into a community that was to be home to me for 4 years. I stepped into the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa state. I remember being giddy with excitement, I remember my dad looking around the campus and saying how it has surpassed his expectations. I remember being so ready to start my life into adulthood, into higher learning, into life long experiences, choices and lessons. I remember being told that now I have independence but my choices were mine and so would the consequences of those choices. I remember an emotional moment with my dad at the Peter Okocha Building, while I got ready to begin the long journey of registration. I remember him placing his hands on my head and blessing me like he always does when am about to leave for, or be left at a strange place. I remember wiping tears as I watched him leave…..HaHaHa…memories, memories, memories….

LOL!!! I remember pledge ceremony…I was a spring batch so we did not have the more grandiose matriculation, we just had a pledge ceremony in the Washington Hall of Peter Okocha building. I remember pairing up with Abo Atabo whom I had initially met at the Abuja Airport, then later with Tolu Osunlana and Chidera Amah-Mbah. We sat together at the celebratory lunch after pledge ceremony and forged a friendship. I remember being roomies with Abo for the first two years…a really wonderful girl she is…LOL..scratch that..a wonderful lady..I remember all the people I met, from the fresher mixers, to CAB events, to Student’s activities events. I remember all the crushes, the ones I admired, the ones who admired me, the ones I loved…AUN afforded me a lot really..

Sigh..AUN!!! approximately 4 years and we are done…It had it’s challenges, it’s great times and it’s down times..These four years, I would not exchange for the world. So many things kept me going, my academics, my clubs as well as church, my friends and my enemies so to say..NDCF, Public health, Google club, CAB, etc..all the things that at some point or the other kept me going and gave me purpose. I remember Hafsat, Freda, Susan, Diana, Gideon, Yinka, Isaac and all the people that never left my life. A wise person once told me, “the people you start off with, may not necessarily be the people you finish with”…This is so true and yet Hafsat, Freda and a few others proved to be exceptions to the rule, because we started way before AUN and we still remained in each others lives…they are a blessing to me. However, for those like Chidera and Yinka and Isaac who left, and others who for some reason or the other became lukewarm; I still see each and everyone of you as a blessing.

For  my professors, Dr Tyndall who was the best in NES if you ask me, and Dr Wan who was the most interesting, and for Dr Rawlins who always saw the very best in me, and for the beautiful Dr Obioma who made me love chemistry and for Dr Raji who was nice enough to let me pass Bio 120 and graduate in peace and for Dr Siebert who was my rock and who saved my CGPA a lot of times and all the numerous others…I am blessed to have been under your tutelage.  For Dr Biyasa, it was a very interesting experience, For Dr Fonkam and Dr Adewale..same…for Mr Lukman and Miss Gloria…it was an honor working in the labs with you. Same goes for Mr Sylvester, Mr Abey and Mr Madu.

LOL!!! I realize it seems I am writing a class speaker kind of speech…far from it; I am rather just pouring my heart and my gratitude out. For my parents who did not shake at the over a million fee per semester, but strove to give me this quality education, I owe you my life. I remember all the late night studies, the ingestion of caffeine to keep awake and study for Anatomy and Physiology, Organic chemistry etc..Ha-Ha, really hilarious now that I think of how zombie-like we were after such all nighters… I remember the 7 hour long Anatomy exams, the brain racking exams of Dr Linus, the viciousness of turn-it-in, the annoyance of open-Erp…I remember it all..It was worth it though and all that has prepared me for medical school..and for life in general.

I got home today and knelt as my dad blessed me again and repeated the same scene of four years ago; God is indeed great to have seen me thus far. I believe only better things are ahead and to all the recent graduates in town, I say cheerss!!! it’s been a ride, but we did it.. Congrats everyone..


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