Let’s Talk about Rape

After i took SOC 288: known popularly as Criminology, i knew in some dire circumstances i was capable murder. By dire circumstances i mean situations that send you into blind rage where you act without much thought and often this results in what criminologists call “the crime of passion”, it mostly doesn’t have a penalty. However, my point is today i just realized that i don’t have to be in a dire circumstance to be capable of murder, i can murder someone for even less. My professor always said, there is a thin line between a law abiding citizen and one committing a crime and i just realized how true that is.

Today i was on Twitter, i happen to find Twitter both educative and fun, so it’s a social network i make ample use of. So anyway, as i scrolled and read the tweets on my TL and replied the ones that caught my attention and re-tweeted the ones i thought others should see, i happened upon the most useless tweet of the “MILLENIA”….i exaggerate not, the most useless…

This guy…(for the sake of this being my blog, which many people would read and as such demands some measure of professionalism, i refrain from using the words that spring to  mind..)..so this guy tweeted and i quote “Girls that can lie about rape. I don’t even think any Nigerian lady has ever been raped”…I read this and i went into a pure-white-blind rage. If this boy were to have been standing right in front of me and i had a knife in hand i cannot say what i may have done at that instant of brief insanity..

Of course i have heard shallow Nigerians say things like “How can you say a husband raped his wife, is she not meant to submit at all times, so it can’t be rape”, things like “Abeg, which kind rape, she must have caused it, she probably wore indecent clothings, it’s the attention she was looking for” and many more of such snide and disgusting remarks that have ridiculed the victims and giving power to the villains.. This is not me going on a feminist campaign, no, i am simply nauseated by what this guy tweeted today…

I have had to hold my crying friends as they confided the deepest darkest parts of their souls, things that they have hidden because they have blamed themselves, they have said it is my fault, they have said if i talk i would be stigmatized, i would be seen as damaged..So they have kept mute and it has broken them, some part of them has indeed been damaged. I have endured so many rants from unwise and densely shallow African (especially Nigerian) men but now i have had my fill.

Rape is indeed real, this is not stories i have heard, this is not how are you sure they gave you the right accounts, this is real hard facts…Rape is real, it happens everyday and we overlook it because to us the women are not valuable enough, to us women are objects of satisfying sexual tension and desire so they simply served their purpose. I cannot fathom the inbred stupidity of man that would lead one to tolerate the concept of rape. In this country i don’t know if anyone has ever been convicted of rape, if there is such a case, i beg you to enlighten me. There probably isn’t and the swines that rape get away with it every single moment of every day and we preach women empowerment. How do our women get empowered if every chance they get the men belittle them, treat them as less than scum, diminish their self worth by exerting themselves on them. Worse still some women also do not believe rape is anyone’s fault but that of the woman herself. Some women accept that they are meant for such and if it happens they should take it within their stride. Shame to any woman with such offensive mentality. I may seem overly passionate by saying this, but my honest opinion is any man who rapes is not worthy of living, he should be stoned to death or worse.

We discussed rape in my criminology class and when asked my opinion i said their genitalia should be cut off so they don’t repeat such act again and everyone was like “oh my God, No, too harsh” and we laughed it off. I however, really mean it. Such men are not worthy to be called creations of God and they deserve to be punished here on earth and in eternity as well. Like Putin said, it is not our place to judge but we can send the scums to God so he can do the judging. So i know i have the capability to kill, because the thought of rape always drives me into an inconceivable rage.

Recently a female member of the security team in my school was raped almost lifeless on her way back home from work. She was stripped naked, beaten and raped till they thought she was dead. This was not by one man, it was a gang rape. I saw how the non-Africans in my school took this case up with such gusto. They investigated, they sought to bring the men behind this act to justice and i wondered…left to Africans would they have gone to these lengths, they would probably have blamed her for going home alone. I heard someone say she was probably rude to them or they made advances at her and she may have turned them down. I just wonder, how do we think in this country? Someone went through such an ordeal and the first thing we do is find reasons to blame the victim…

I will stop here, i would let my anger steep…as much as i love my country, we have so many things we need to work on and this issue of rape takes precedence among others..We need to fight for our women, they are present and future mothers..we need to treat them with the dignity and utmost respect they deserve, because women are not objects, they are beings…





3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Rape

  1. hrh7 says:

    A couple of times, I’ve read such stupidities myself. It’s there all the time. These days, it appears that some men cannot accept that you don’t want to sleep with them after they buy you food or see you on the road or you wears dress that stops above your knees. It’s terrible. We’ve got to raise better children. Sons who don’t rape and daughters who don’t support stupid reasonings for rape.


  2. Torie says:

    I totally agree with you; it’s such a shame that men would resort to such despicable acts just to satisfy God knows what. The social construct of our society is such that we are bent to such rules, it’s appalling really. Thanks for reading though.


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