The North! a beautiful place, a vast land of endless terrains and hospitable people; now turned into menace due to the evil doing of unscrupulous elements. We love our home, others may call it “North” but we call it “Home” and we refuse to run from our homes. Our home is where we feel the most safe, it is our entitlement, we should not have to fret or be on lock down in our home.

The current insurgency of the sect popularly known as “Boko Haram” has become an issue that requires immediate and swift action. The continuous lose of lives and property to the ploys of this inhumane sect has become obscene to put it very mildly. We say No to the bombing of our Churches and Mosques, we say no to the massacre of our Pastors and Imams, we say no to the disembodiment of our innocent kids, we say no more destruction of properties and senseless massacre of lives.

We no longer understand the agenda of this evil sect and quite frankly we no longer care what their motivations may be, we say enough. It is time this great Nation rises and puts a permanent stop to this menace. First it was the Niger Delta militants insurgency and now it is the Boko Haram insurgency in the north; granted every nation has its security challenges, ranging from terrorism to cyber theft but yet we say enough. We are Nigerians, we belong to Nigeria, we would not stand for continuous destruction. I believe I speak for all when I say we are all grieved, people now avoid the north because they see it as a war zone. You say you are a northerner living in the north and people are amazed at how you still remain alive. Enough!!

On the 23rd of this month there were two incidences of bomb blast. One occurring in Adamawa state, Jimeta and another occurring in Maiduguri. These incidences happened during the prayer time and the one in Jimeta Adamawa happened right in the Mosque. The total death poll in both states summed up to 37 people and 107 people are reported to be injured in ranging severity. My heart bleeds, i don’t know about yours, I cry for the lives lost, for the innocent kids whose bodies were so disintegrated that there were no pieces left to bury. I cry for the AUN student who lost her dad, for the FUTY students who died, for all the families grieving; i cry for my nation, my North, my home.

We have to rise up, we have to pray, each one to the God they believe in because enough is enough. We have had it and we would not take anymore. We refuse to be turned into prisoners in our homes, we refuse to keep burying loved ones who had their futures ahead of them. We must reclaim our land, our North, our home.

To all those who lost loved ones, my deepest and sincerest condolences. To all those who were maimed or injured, my heart goes out to you. To all those who we lost, with tears and sorrow in our hearts we say Rest In Peace and may God avenge your deaths in his own way.

#Continuousloveforthenorth. Take a minute to tweet about the north, make blogposts about northern Nigeria, facebook about the North and just trend this # for all those who we have lost. Good people, great Nation, we are Nigerians and our love and unity is our bond.


2 thoughts on “VIOLENCE IN THE NORTH

    1. Torie says:

      much appreciated. I realize this comment has been ignored for a long time, i apologise. I make it a habit to respond to all my comments because that is the essence of this blog, getting the thoughts of others, in order to better understand mine. Please visit my blog again and drop your comments, like and share. Thank you.


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