My MOTHER- by guest writer iby

MY MOTHER-part one

Who sat and watched my infant head, when sleeping on my cradle bed, when fear and sickness made me cry

It was a slow normal breath at first, then the patient started gasping for breath, breathing fast then slow, the breathe having a wave-like rhythm, the doctor was called, he came in, saw the rhythm of the breathing and he left without saying a word. The elderly woman by the patient’s bedside saw this and told the patient’s son, your mother is going, leaving forever. The son and the elderly woman watched helplessly, all they did was to pray repeatedly. A minute or so later, at exactly 11:45am, Thursday 21st April 2011, the breathing stopped, and the patient gave up the ghost, her face became fresh and beautiful and she looked very peaceful like she was telling those beside her death bed; ‘don’t cry, be happy, am peacefully with my lord’.

I stood there and watched with tears rolling down my cheeks, I couldn’t help the woman who gave up everything for me for 20 years of my life overcome death. I couldn’t stop the angel of death from taking my mother away, and later I will claim I love her. I asked myself these questions repeatedly; ‘did I fail in loving my mum?’ couldn’t I have done something to stop it from happening?’ will she ever forgive me?’ I kept asking myself this questions while the nurses tried to comfort me. But the questions went unanswered and I can swear to God the nurses were talking to me from a million miles away not next to me.

I was boiling with anger, I blamed God, I blamed myself, I blamed the universe, this woman went through a lot for me, she gave me all, but she left before I could make money and take care of her, before I could introduce my future wife to her and get her approval, or give her a grand kid to play with, nor gist with her till am 80. Dear mother, you will forever live in me.

To most people a mother is forever special, but to me, she was the most special person in my life. She was my icon, my steel statue, my shoulder, my heroine, a legend, my first love, my mortal goddess, my leader, my special adviser, my rock, my soldier, my police, my teacher and my everything beyond human imagination. She was my numero uno. I worshipped, admired, loved and cared for her. But couldn’t love her enough to stop the Angel of death from taking her away…….to be continued


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