Many times in our daily lives, in our relations with others and our general interaction with society we may find ourselves in situations where we may want to indulge in the act of pontification. This term to “Pontificate” simply means to act pompously and place oneself on a pedestal, thereby exulting oneself above others especially when not exactly qualified to do so.

There are several reasons why people pontificate, and as with several things in life some people have the need to pontificate more than others. An individual who has an issue of complex, be it superior complex or inferior complex would naturally be inclined to pontificate. A person who sees him/herself as more important, smarter, privileged than others would seize every opportunity there is to ensure others have a feel of his self imposed superior air. Same goes for those who for some reason feel they are inferior quality to others, they would strive to achieve some measure of dignity by pontificating whenever they can. This however, is not an absolute phenomenon as there are some people with inferior complex who would rather bury themselves beneath the mire than try to feel like they belong through pontification.

The dangers associated with pontification is vast. For one when you pontificate you are pushing people away from you. No one is saying that a little self praise is bad. It can be healthy; personally i indulge in self praise. There are occasions when i refer to myself as beautiful, classy, sexy, i praise myself and that is why my confidence level is way up there. When you believe in yourself enough to praise who you are, you won’t be stamped upon by others who seek to derogate you by pointing out your flaws. I praise my forehead, i say things like “I am proof that girls with forehead are pretty” this way if anyone insults my forehead tomorrow, i won’t run and be seeking hairline surgery to reduce my forehead because i have owned what others see as an imperfection to be part of what has built up my perfection. In other words there are instances where praising oneself is totally advantageous.

However when pontificating oneself leads to negative impacts and effects on others around that individual, then it has gotten to its extreme. This is what i refer to as harmful pride. While i consider myself the best there is, i won’t at the same time expect everyone to think the same, i won’t impose my opinion on anyone else, i won’t uplift myself atop a pedestal and demand that everyone worships me and concretize my opinions. i won’t accord myself a self important position as though others are beneath me, this would in no time loose you friends.

Another danger of pontificating is that you could miss out on opportunities. Imagine a situation whereby someone who might be in a position to help your destiny is around you but all the time you are pontificating. you are always saying how important you are, how no one can beat how classy you are, you keep pontificating about your tall plans which in reality you have no means to achieve. You would loose out because two things can happen, one, the benefactor who is listening to you could assume that you are all set and need no help from him and he would go with his benefaction. Another outcome to that could be that he may see right through your act and be displeased and still go away with his benefaction, either way you loose.

Another interesting thing that could result from you pontificating is that you begin to loose sight of what’s important. If you have lived all your life and spent all your time worshiping yourself, you would resort to all sorts to ensure people concretize your claims. The things you resort to may not be honorable as you would seek out the fast and easiest means to achieve your pompous desires. For instance, if you claim to be from a wealthy family and you are always on about how you can afford the most expensive things, if this isn’t true you would do all sorts to create the illusion that your claims are true and this would only lead to your destruction.

Even in the rare cases where your pontification is based on facts, people loose respect for you when you lack humility. They may associate with you but everything they base on that association would be superficial and before long you will realize that you are an individual without depth.

So therefore, as tempting as it may be to pontificate, it is wise to take the higher road and just stick to humility, occasional self praise that doesn’t harm or derogate anyone, and other means of boosting your confidence.


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