A minute to take a walk and appreciate nature, just a second to pause and feel the sun or the cool breeze on your face, an infinitesimal second to glance at someone with love and gratitude. The essence in seconds! sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in a day, we wish for 48 hours in a day rather than 24. We convince ourselves that we would do more if it were so, accomplish more; but indeed how well do we use these 24 hours we are given. Do we use it optimally, or minimally? A question we need to ponder on

A second, as fleeting as it is, can convey much. In a second you can smile at your mother, your father, family, loved ones. In some seconds you can say “I love you”. In a minute you can help someone. You don’t wait for time to free itself up for you; you free up time for you. You live life like it is your last second because you do not want to blink and realize a precious second is lost; never to be reclaimed.

The worst thing in life is not to wake up and be made aware of things you did not do, the worst thing is to wake up and be made aware of the times you could have done those things but did not. The times you said “oh i should take a walk” but you were too lazy, the times you said “i should send mama a text saying i love her”, those times you could have gone on adventures, done something useful to someone. Those precious times neglected and never to be regained. The worst thing!!!

Take a second to share love, to appreciate someone, nature and yourself, most paramount. Take time to follow your dreams and explore new opportunities, hidden desires. Take time to do something that would leave a mark on the sands of time, something that would ensure you are not forgotten, that in years to come people would look back and say “Indeed, she/he was here”. Appreciate the essence of a second.

Dedicated to all those who have been lost and to all those who have lost loved ones, our hearts and thoughts are with you.



2 thoughts on “ESSENCE OF A SECOND

  1. Simjo says:

    Like the saying “”anything lost can be found except wasted time””… We just too busy living life and chasing destiny and forgeting to appreciate our loved ones… Most times when it boomerangs.. It leaves us with something like a stigma… I lost my elder bro 3years back.. We never had time for each other.. Not even his pictures was on my phone.. Because we had little issh back then.. But when he left.. I wasn’t myself.. Even till now.. Memeories hunt me.. Learn to appreciate those by your sides, your loved ones, siblings, parents.. And never trade family for anything… For we don’t know when the last good bye is


    1. Torie says:

      I am so sorry about your brother; i empathize because i have lost a young sister, she was a baby so i can’t compare to yours. You are right, we have to cherish all the little minutes we have with each other.


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